Flying Fox

SkyZip Engineering

Design, construction & management of ziplines (flying foxes) & eco-adventure parks

SkyZip Engineering develops Treetop Parks and Ziplines to provide new, safe and fun activities in a natural environment, utilizing its technical expertise in the aerial-cable-car industry. Based in Bali, the company is lead by a French management and has its origins in the French Alps where the founder was a ski lift engineer.

Its experienced team, composed of one consultant designer, one engineer, one construction manager, two supervising carpenters and 15 climbers specializing in work at heights with wire ropes, can assist you at every step of your project and deliver you a turn-key solution.

Moreover, SkyZip Engineering already operates some parks in Asia and knows the keys to success for such attractions.

Latest Portfolio

Escape Adventure Park
in Penang, Malaysia


We help you evaluate your needs according to your target market and business plan. Our parks and ziplines will attract families, tourists, corporate groups and schools.

We provide individualized solutions for your specific environment and helps you maximize you business potential. Whether you are in a forest, theme park, golf course, shopping mall or tourist resort, we can build the most appropriate structures for your project.

We build the platforms and challenges and install the belay systems, all in compliance with European Standards EN 15567-1. Our expertise enables us to build a wide range of equipments such as treetop parks, giant ziplines, challenge courses, artificial structures and treehouses.

We train your local staff for the safety and the greater enjoyment of your customers. It covers assistance and rescue, technical skills, risk and site management as well as a better understanding of what is an adventure park.

We follow the life of your course and provide maintenance and seasonal inspections.