CLIC-IT, Smart Belays

This French company develops safety systems of interconnected karabiners to prevent complete removal from the safety line. Clic-iT® is a patented safety hooking systems which synchronizes the open/locked positions of the two karabiners, so the accidental release of both Karabiners at the same time is impossible.

  • CliC-iT® is the only PPE (personal protection equipment) assuring total safety on all your existing routes.
  • Avoids a fall and your possible responsibility. It is the reward of peace of mind for the person responsible for the adventure parks and high rope courses (in normal use).
  • A teaching product where the user stays completely in charge of his progression in total safety.
  • CliC-iT® is the most simple solution on the market, both for park management and the user, from 6 years of age.
  • Can be used immediately on your existing routes
  • CliC-iT® allows reduction of operating costs whilst not blocking routes and guaranteeing maximum safety.
  • Meets all legal safety liabilities and allows optimised supervision on all routes.
  • Meets requirements for receiving school groups, thus allowing you a wider use of your activities park.